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Micro Gas Chromatography for Water and Air Monitoring

TCM Global specializes in Targeted Compound Monitoring for field sensing applications such as remote, solar-powered, VOC monitoring in ground water and personal exposure monitoring with wearable instrumentation.  Unlike our competitors, we offer our technology as a full-featured service.  We take the responsibility for accuracy, maintenance, and repair – freeing up customer resources to focus on the things they know best!

All of our services are built around ruggedized instrumentation featuring our Remote/Autonomous Electronics Architecture.  Wireless communications (cellular and Wi-Fi) combined with onboard microcontrollers enable our technicians to remotely maintain our equipment.  Quality control is performed in a similar fashion, at our centralized data center.  Analysis results are fully encrypted and kept confidential – in fact, we can perform quality control without knowing compound identifications!

 WATER MONITORING                      
 AIR MONITORING                             
 MEMS COMPONENTS                     
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