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Water Monitoring - Online, Automated VOC Monitor with Gas Chromatograph for Water Analysis

TCM has developed "game changing" technology to break through to a new era of water monitoring, research, and source water protection.  This new technology was developed initially for the City of Dayton Ohio and is now available to other communities around the world stuggling with the management of VOC plumes in ground water. TCM understands the complexity of this Micro-GC (gas chromatography) system and therfore, offers a service model for data interpretation and real-time data delivery that ensures our customers can focus on finding solutions rather than managing complex devices.
Remote/Autonomous Electronics


  • All of TCM’s remote and portable analytical instruments are fitted with Wi-Fi and cellular communications.  Much of the accuracy and dependability of our services are enabled by remote quality control, calibration, and diagnostics.  Data are handled safely and securely.  In fact, we can administer QC without knowing analyte identification.
  • Reliable wireless communication in conjunction with onboard microcontrollers enables many automated services.  The condition of our equipment is constantly monitored – maintenance alarms are triggered remotely, so TCM personnel can plan ahead…keeping your data flowing without interruptions!
System Capabilities

  • Several sample data points available per day.
  • Rugged/weatherproof
  • Temperature resistant
  • Battery/solar power options
  • Low-flow continuous well sampling
    • Pneumatically driven bladder pump
  • Automated chemical analysis
    • Lab quality data (<1 ppb LOD)
    • Can target most VOCs
  • Wireless communication
  • Remote data availability
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